To close this year’s Festivalette on a hopeful note, we invite you to see the heart-warming documentary Landfill Harmonic, throughout the month of December.

Join us on December 8 th , for a Live Session with the films Co-Director and Producer Juliana Penaranda-Loftus at 11am EST time!

Landfill Harmonic

(2015) - Starting December, 2023. Documentary, Paraguay (84 mins).

For the opportunity to interact in the live session, please register here

This film has a Curriculum Guide to use this film in your classrooms!

(developed by Journeys in Film with the University of California´s School of Education)


Check back here for updates on the 2023 Cinematic Spaces of Education Festivalette Program.

The 2023 Cinematic Spaces of Education Film Festivalette will be held in a new, online-only format. Beginning in March 2023, we will screen eight high-quality independent films from around the world. One film will be available per month. The selection of films will push the boundaries around what questions and issues are important for the education field. Access will be free and open to the public, worldwide. 

We will also host live conversations with film directors and others, Please join us! 

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